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Forex Diary 2021

hey Gang .......hope everyone is well and thriving in 2021 .......

The Forex markets are providing ample opportunities as usual

just make sure you have a solid Strategy with efficient and consistent execution .....

my charts are the Fix Start indicator available here for a small donation to charity

Year to date Action 2021

red GBP after hitting early lows in january has cruised into first place as alpha Bull ...some 350 pip minimum swings on most pairs.....impressive if you called it ...I chased it up and down so far with some success along the way

blue Euro and now yellow Yen are the Bear plays to date .....both down to 150 pips so far on raw index

So big respect if you bought GBP into either of these guys in last 4 weeks .....

I did at times ...not because im smart ...but that my FXCorrelator based systems told me to ....its just relative strength at play in the Forex market ......its not rocket science (and i have been doing it for over 20 years now)

February so far .....

red GBP swung bear to bull so far generating nice swing profits (sound familiar to full year so far?)

Orange AUD a solid buy

Yellow Yen / Green USD / Blue Euro / Grey CHF all net Bear plays now ......

Some great plays so far in February - if you know what you are doing

Bitcoin , Gamestop and other trading dramas come and go ....but the solid and controlled nature of the G8 forex market makes it a solid performer year in year out .....thats why i trade it

take care


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