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Forex Diary 20th Apr 2020

morning all

ok following my youtube updates yesterday the indicators below set on following usd action

USD strong Bull so far today so been selling GBP and CAD into it always helps if USD swings into the trade as well ....but GBP is a very volatile currency so it can do a lot of the heavy lifting itself at times as at moment

its GBP responsible for hitting that recent resell phase on Cable..... not much from USD side so far

This indicator is available here for a donation to NHS charity

and heres some more focus on that last signal from USD pushing > Zero on the 7/1 MA

see how we manage to drift 1+ ATR move on 5mins from the volatility .....sure its tight and but if you trade smart (min 2 contracts with 1 always taken at T1 of 1ATR) you will be ok

This was as tight as you get ...and GU still dropped 10 pips on the sell from entry bar



Cable a little tricky but some good bear moves still coming

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