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Forex Diary 21st April 2020

9:40 GMT

ok interesting morning so far ......The Top chart from 6am GMT shows us how rangy and tight the initial hour was breakouts ........then bang CAD went hard south to -40 pips

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I was engineering Green USD sells (see lower indicator) so took longer to adjust on that Ucad Green USD moving Bull so easier justify pretty much Selling all into USD except Yen at moment



ok im in and out of trading today - busy elsewhere as well

so heres my Fixed FXCorrelator top indicator .....Green USD starts 6am bear then goes bull for rest of day around 9am (goes above Zero line) my charts are +2 GMT

i'm then running a simple 7ma pattern off it in FXCorrelator lower indicator .....trying to get in as USD pulls back then goes back into Bull trend / direction ...........basic simple stuff

can you guess my main Sell currencies today ?..the top indicator clearly shows 2 massive sellers so far ....GBP and CAD

i've been selling GBPUSD from the 2380s down to 2260s using this simple stuff from the usd turnover around 9am GMT.....all day

UCAD i was a little later only getting in from 4200s to 4260s again 60 pips to play with on scalps

Nothing else was touched from 9am just those 2 pairs .....out of 28 potential Pairs on G8


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