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Forex Diary 23rd Jan 2020

10:34 (reproduced from T2win site post)

morning all ...

jees hard slog this morning ........not for the faint hearted .......

cable came out strong bull early london session and has come back .....i was expecting a meltdown play though .....but it came back ......3-4 scalps but real tight stuff ok and up enough ...but a less experienced scalper would probably be losing so far today .....

usd running bear so far ....perhaps AudUsd could have some bull legs but nothing compared to cable whilst its bull



ok looking to rebuy cable at moment ...just took a 5 pipper so tight it hurt ....but got it 

just banged one in so tight it hurt again .....discomfort is trading !!!!

T1 shown 


market has stalled ...literally for 2-3 mins now ....i wont get anal on this one .....i will not lose on it either .....


just took T1 ........jees that was hard calling it a day now enough pips in bag for this session .....but hard hard graft today ...will let this one run a little if it can


ok final chapter today - heres what i have been doing

heres my chasing on Cable (wont bore you with other currencies i have been scalping today)

(hint selling EJ)

eventually GBP got south so i chased it down ......using the Cable 6am open price area is as good a line as any to delineate buy vs sell bias ...lets not make it complicated

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