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Forex Diary 25th May 2020

hey all - Bank holiday in UK

sloooow day expected and i havnt traded .....

look at the chart ...nothing got out more than 19 pips from 6am GMT....thats abysmal and it was Euro of all currencies.....crazy day

USD was rangy and slow .....moved with yen all day ..... Euro best Bull , CAD and more recently GBP Yen was best seller to date

looking at the 7ma middle chart you can see 7 plays i may have been interested in as usd swung back into trends

1 good buy signal , 1 bad one 3 good sell signals there from 4 starts ...not bad ....

just hook a decent currency to play off it .......

but not on low volume days like today is hard enough as it is........... so don't give the market even more of a chance to take your money - Please !


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