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Forex Diary 26th Feb 2020

hey all...

tricky morning and one where inexperienced scalpers will get into trouble ......simply by overtrading and letting the market stop you out consistently

ok ive been very careful so far .....i really need GBP / cable to show me the money ......which hopefully coming now



cable has now broken south expected ....


today has been textbook trading for me and how i scalp the london morning session

phase 1 - lots of action and cable was certainly not alpha pair to trade = I stayed fairly out of market

phase 2 - I see GBP falling and start to heavily scalp cable south ...ignote other pairs mainly

phase 3 - better and better extend my wins on cable and keep going primary pair to scalp

thats it ......use forex relative strengthmeters to determine the action and trade it in all timeframes ..

I happen to use it on lowest timeframes as that makes money the quickest .......and have the time to do it



2938 was turnover for latest cable sells......i missed it but still got in ok ...its been to 2929 so far


been to 2921 but loads of turbulence on the way

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