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Forex Diary 27th May 2020

8:55 GMT

slow start today .....usd tight range bias

chf and gbp broken bear recently so selling .....cad breaching north

a little scrappy but scalps there now


15:00 GMT

Interesting morning......cable sells eventually faded as usd came down into yen / chf bear zones

Euro was a great buy then into lunchtime against yen and USD ...

with US equities taking early hits we are seeing a big rally in yen , USD and Chf at moment , nice resells again on Cable and AUD a safe sell ......these days i am taking more notice of the us equities market as the link to carry trades on yen , USD and Chf is pretty strong again ......

lets just say i'm very averse to playing any usd / Yen / Chf sells into a falling equity market and vice versa

takes me back a few years this does fact my first public forums were all around this in 2009


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