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Forex Diary 28th Aug 2020

Interesting week and nicely tradeable on 1 hours ....

Yen and Cad got weak end of monday and were definitely sells on appropriate pairs 

About 4 currencies were strongish tuesday and worth pairing up on right signals 

GJ , AJ and NJ all played out the best .....CAD pairs would have faltered ....but thats life ...using the correct pair systems for entries/ Exits would have minimised those losses (if trades were taken at all)

Forex Trading is about playing the percentages and finding the edge on the BEST pairs  ...its not magical crystals or black box systems coded by nuclear scientists.....

so don't pay for that nonsense  from the many vendors, academies and schools - do you really think someone would charge just a few grand for such a successful and powerful winning system ?.....and its been created by the smooth talking salesman on the youtube channel ? - seriously ?

C'mon guys you are all smarter than that, or you wouldn't be here reading this ...

if you haven't already got it - this indicator requires just a small donation to the NHS yourself a favour by using one of the best indicators in Forex  whilst helping people who keep us alive ...the real heroes

have a good weekend gang ....


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