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Forex Diary 28th Feb 2020

hey all ......

ok its friday ......end of week and what a week with all the volatility .....rocky week for equities market and the coronovirus fears ripping into prices.......this usually translates into more G8 actitivy allowing me to generate more profits....

anyway today has been relatively easy so far ......cable reversed on the 6am bar and has been selling  ever since

GBP is alpha Bear

Green usd is flying bear as well so thats not great ....i'm also scalping UCHF south alongside cable



usdchf my main play at moment ......euro bull as well ......even EU given some 30 pips on recent bull move


market been consolidating after such a great opening few hours off !

i stayed off cable since 8am ish GMT (as per last video).....and UCHF hardely been great since its sell spree earlier

market is consolidating into hopefully a livelier PM session on NY opens .....

back later



solid trading this afternoon......GBP selling like hotcakes and Yen THE alpha Bull

Green USD walking flatline path......but easy to use on these guys above in pairs

naturally GBPJPY is THE pair to trade but i dont like the spreads i have to use when scalping.....just me


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