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Forex Diary 28th Feb 2021

hey all

ok heres the year so far on my Fix Start FXCorrelator ...

This is available for a small contribution to charity here


Red GBP is storming the year so far with some 500 pips net gain (most in Feb)

AUD, CAD and NZD fighting for the Bull Scraps ....


yellow YEN and grey CHF both pushing -380 pip falls from Zero line

(most of those both coming in Feb)

best Pairs in 2021 so far are GBPJPY & GBPCHF both hitting around 6.6% gains from early Jan

I have been trading with relative strength indicators and strategies since about 2001 (sharing posts on trading forums since 2008/9) and still find them just as profitable today as the day i first started....

sure .....some tweaks along the way to reflect changing market dynamics .....but the core foundations are the same.....


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