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Forex Diary 29th April 2020

9:44 GMT

ok i've injected a little different information now into the chart below ..

This time i've switched focus on the lower left indicator to Red GBP

Since Green USD is Flat .....i've shown you what the more volatile red GBP is doing and looked to trade that as lead currency

See how GBP is a solid sell this morning on Top left indicator ? (My charity Fixed indicator available here)

See the pullbacks of Red GBP above zero on the lower indicator (available Free in links below)

See those on the GBPUSD right chart ?..look like great areas to SELL GBPUSD ..?? welcome to trading strength meters !

you can also see that Blue Euro is Bull so worth doing similar on that into USD and GBP in fact ..

I have been all morning ..and doing well on my scalps

Trading is easier if you pick the right pairs to trade - good hunting



remember my last post ? - look at GBPUSD NOW ....the GBP came back into sell mode on tht 7ma FXCorrelator bottom left .....too easy

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