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Forex Diary 2nd Sep 2020

Hey Gang .....

Yens been bear most of week 

GBP was best Bull mover into Tuesday - CAD and NZD rocking at moment 

Whilst I have got some fairly  complex Algos and trading systems I still think this kind of approach is pretty solid 

See what the big movers are on a Fix Start Indicator (set it to start of Trading week) 

and play those pairs looking for pullbacks into trend 

there were trades offered selling Yen into CAD , EURO and GBP through to Tuesday Yen and CHF have flattened with CAD and NZD being the buys ....

bring your trend following system into line with this indicator (or perhaps use the Free FXCorrelator on default 20ma)...I promise them both add some edge to you .....instead of random pair selection 

the Fix start indicator is available here for a small donation to the UK NHS Covid charity


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