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Forex Diary 30th Jan 2020

morning all ....

ok solid start to day ........yen is alpha bull and GBP fighting for dominance with cad on bear side .....

enough for me to pursue my favourite Cable so far 

couple of scalps so far picking up the falls .....lets see where it goes 


ok classic divergence /convergence play today so far ....

so I played out the divergence mainly on Cable and then sat out of the convergence phase .....

(well actually i didnt but I should've done really....I hate following my own rules achilles heel)

anyway we can now see Cable trading above 6am levels expect some buying opportunities .....or not ...who knows ? 

notice NZD and AUD coming bear on an increasingly tight market......if usd stays bullish there will be a few pips on selling those dudes london session .....slow but steady im watching / waiting...will go NZDUSD 

UCAD also interesting ......but all scrappy really ..........

give me a nice steady Europeans bias  vs opposing USD & Yen  bias for a london morning anyway ! 


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