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Forex Diary 31st Jan 2020


nice morning already on Cable .....smooth !

green USD is rarely the most divergent currency to play against red GBP .....but i know how to handle it and lower spreads for scalping than other more exotic pairings 


3111/3115 interesting level on cable .....waiting for it to come back for rebuys

went in at 3114 ... but jees its tedious at moment .....

usd has drifted bull london session so i shouldn't really  be attacking cable buys again .....

one day i will actually follow all my rules .......not sure when though ! 

17:15 gmt

well well well .....what a glorious day in forex market ...excellent trending !

ive stayed mainly on Cable .....initial run was light from 6am ....then i stayed out mainly as it came back and retraced 

then from around 11am GMT GBP went on a superb bull run and USD got bearish 

ive been scalping upwards in a 80 pip+ bull run last few hous ...even a novice can make money then ....

have a great evening ....nice end to phase 1 of the brexit saga...looking forwards to much more in future as well  


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