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Forex Diary 3rd Feb 2020

my mondays get better and better ........

scalped through a 100 pip cable fall so far ......too easy 

As a scalper i stop no more than 5 pips on any trade and generally advocate 2% per trade (0.4% per pip)

even if ive only had 50 pip win so far ......thats 50 X 0.4 = 20% return on my bank inside 5 hours 

go do the math on scalping ........sure you dont get anything like 50 pips every day..... but equally ive had several hundred pips in some unique trading sessions......(guess what night that was)


so after stalling in 3070s we are back selling hard down to 3040s now ...


this isnt how i trade .....but look at how sweet cable is today me 3 consecutive bars of buying ?

no ? a bear market  !

Note - this can frustrate the hell out of you guys looking for deeper pullbacks .....



back in again at 58 ......jees its good today 


still on GBP selling since i got back earlier .......Cable has pulled back maximum 20 pips at times off a 150-160 pip drop so far

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