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Forex Diary 3rd June 2020

10:05 GMT

interesting morning so far .....

Euro and GBP got bull early so been on them in pairs, Euro extending now to +35 pips since 6am GMT

USD faked a bear move then came bull...really frustrating on the europeans buy options

Yen and AUD are the sells .....both been to -30s so far

with Yen and USD finally splitting this morning ive been mainly successful on EJ buys and some AU sells .....

my worse scenario is when USD and GBP run (correlate) together as this morning......i then have to go play elsewhere and know their connection wont last .... you watch !


15:45 GMT

long day .......USD has retained bull status but fading more recently .......AUD stayed bearish .....cad been south.....USD and GBP have stayed pretty correlated ...that surprised me as was looking for some trades off any divergence


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