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Forex Diary 4th Feb 2020

great morning ......GBP just kept selling from 6am 


gave away 3-4 pips on 1 failed scalp as cable has retraced .....its back at 50% of 6am opens now ....lets see if Fibonacci has any effect on resells 



17 pip bull bar on last 5min cable ....that will attract a rebound 

wow.....that didnt touch the sides ...buying from 2988 already 

that was a boomerang play ..........a big bar followed by weak retrace .....then pile back into the push 

already been to not saying ot will fly now ...jsut making 5 pip scalps at a time  

current 12 bar ATR on 5 min Cable is 10 pips ....that means i am comfortabley able to make 5 pip scalp inside 1 bar .....thats volatility i like !!!!

cable has tried twice already this morning to push back on the bear move from 31st Jan D is showing on higher Timeframes this is interesting .....

however i am a scalper ..........even 1 minute is too slow for me in normal condtitions 

all i need is 5 pips ..........not more 


not perfect at momemnt but scalping cable up from 2989....been to 98 so far ...i would prefer to be scalping south !!!


3010 and back into opening 6am zone .....hmmmmmmmmmmm


what a morning .....ok its lunchtime and all gone dead ...look at that ATR chart on the 5min

made pips going down and a few coming up (as i was more nervous on retrace)

may not trade again today ....(ive made my pips already) ....will see



bullshit 10 pip range on cable at moment ....ZZZZZZZZZZZ

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