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Forex Diary 5th May 2020

Better opening today..........

Cad is THE Alpha Bull.....been chasing it on UCAD sells ....but not perfect as USD is Bull as well 

So UCAD resells or really any European currency Sell off the next USD push Bull.....

your calls go for it 



UCAD looking hot at 4048's ....must come south again soon ....


jees that was fast !!!!! 4040


been a good day and following my earlier advice here for the day would have been pretty ok 

Just bouncing The Brown Cad Bull against the USD (when bearish swings) and Selling the Europeans (well EUR and CHF) against when the USD swung back bull..........

Takes a little practice and mindset ....but Clearly the Euro / CHF drop to - 60 pips on the day so far was most marked and at times by playing the Bull CVAd into a fading USD sell..........that would have been master class stuff 

so Hope everyone liked the early heads around 9AM today ! .... 

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