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Forex Diary 7th April 2020

10:15 GMT

Good volatility and Easier action today ...... USD came slowly south in first hour from 6am and i simply had to look for decent bull plays GBP , NZD, AUD and CAD were all in the Bull running ....I simply got on GBP as it became the strongest USD and JPY have dominated sells so far .... much better already than last few scalping days


2359 buy cable ...stop 2352 


it got to 66 should already have taken a T1 on that ...then run the rest 63 at moment 


money available on Cable as it tries to rally back into london bull trend....

2 scalps and 2 wins in last 10 mins as already posted for trade 1 


I rarely show small screen detail on entries here as i focus on teaching bigger picture .....

I have been calling cable from early morning - heres an example of 3 decent trades as it finally came bull again 

Anyone can devise a robust entry/exit system once they know what pair to be on ...I am not really 

here to teach that exact stuff as well........although maybe i will again one day 



said it felt flimsy ...


cable is exactly back at 59 again .....start probing for rebuys


69 so far ....nice

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