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Forex Diary 7th Jan 2020

hi all

cable wasnt actually the most solid pair to trade this morning but it is my favourite so I was mainly on it as usual

(hint -  look at AUDUSD sells this morning)

heres where i was in my last post i'm primarily a scalper .......unless the price moves solidly with minimal retracement i will not hold onto a trade ......I will just come back in and trade it again if i feel the trend is still happening

This morning i briefly tried to sell cable and broke even ..then stood back and got back into that solid move north

4-5 scalps there did the job.....

whilst the 5min looks like there were some decent sells after Cable peaked I havnt been in ....Im trying to play it even safer these days in 2020.......

i would have scalped south last year .....but trying to be more conservative and preserve the money already made

interesting times ......!!!

always try to improve your trading (even when you are doing well) really helps to keep you sharp and focussed


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