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Forex Diary 9th Mar 2020

intense morning sorry no posting much across my networks ....just trading !

quick update - global markets are melting today with asian lead in i was expecting fireworks and they are happening

GBP fired up with an unsurprising Yen as alpha bull as well....but GBP is king

ive had some 100+ pips off of its early bull plays so far ...waiting at moment for next opportunities

volatility is oxygen for traders breathe it in and make some real money today




grinding rebuys on cable ...took a 3124/5 last trade into 3140s now ....widen your stops and trails guys ....5 pips is too tight on this market  ....or wear the stop outs and go back in fast ...

usd still selling all ok on cable rebuys


sorry gang been really busy trading today .... ok its been a long day today persuading traders NOT to trade Cable .......and go for better pairs why ? .........look at top left chart ....Red GBP and Green USD have spent most of the day BOTH BELOW the zero line they are both Bearish why would i trade 2 bearish currencies together ? USD is bear trade bullish currencies ? Yen , AUD , NZD all bullish most of day ive been trading them into usd effctively on pullbacks cable can wait till its ready - again sorry to all those traders today i was talking to .....but i was trying to get you off Cable hope i succeeded N

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