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Forex Diary for 16 Aug 2021

Forex Diary for 16 Aug 2021

2 weeks into August and here we are :-

My fixstart indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to charity


only one real star ....Turquiose NZD to +150 pips

orange AUD followed


2 main sellers in August so far :-

Brown CAD was hit hard in week 1 to - 130s

CHF slowly came south to -140 by last wednesday

Red GBP woefully flat .....Blue Euro was a steady sell ....

Trade of the month to date ? - buying NZD into CAD and also CHF was good ....then Green USD swung north in week 2 offering some great trades buying into CHF and Euro as well

always here to help cut through the Trading BS that represents 95% of all Trading commentary and Social media these days ....


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