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Forex Diary for the week ending 8th Oct 2021

Forex Diary for the week ending 8th Oct 2021

My fixstart indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to charity


Good week for Brown CAD hitting +170 pips by week-end

Red GBP hit +70s in week


Yellow yen fell this week to -170 pips by Friday

Blue Euro slowly went south to -60s

Trade of week ?

anything buying the GBP and CAD especially was cool ....selling Euro and Yen - especially Yen from Wednesday

Swing trades were surprisingly light this week .....nothing much veered of course of its initial Directional Bias ...unusual

my Strengthmeter indicators give me tremendous insight into the FX market and has now provided me a statistical edge for the last 21 years magic boxes and no circus tricks are needed

There is no drama in my reporting or trading .....its boring stuff generating good returns when done correctly

I totally ignore the fake Trading BullS*it seen on most Trading Forums and Social media......just do my thing !


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