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Forex Diary for week ending 20th Aug 2021

Forex Diary for week ending 20th Aug 2021

My fixstart indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to charity

as the stock market saw some jitters this week 3 main currencies hit the headlines as Bull Plays

Yellow yen

Green USD

Gray CHF

these are the 3 classic currencies to buy in a stock dip and to sell when markets boom

and they didn't disappoint this week .....all going to +200 pips


only Brown Cad really took a beating......pushing -270 pips at times ...ouch !

Trade of the week was Selling CAD in to any of the 3 bull currencies already mentioned

UCAD alone moved up over 3% on week at highs (some 400 pips)

my Stable of Strengthmeter indicators gives me tremendous and immediate insight into the FX market and has allowed me an edge for the last 21 years magic boxes and no circus tricks

I try to cut through the Trading BS that is seen on most Trading Forums and Social media these days ....


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