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Forex Diary for Week ending 4th March 2022

Forex Diary for Week ending 4th March 2022

My fix start indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to a Ukrainian charity

Huge volatility in the week as the Ukrainian War unfolds ....


Great week for the AUD and NZD as markets looked for some safety


the Euro Got Creamed as it juggled with potential War, Inflation and an ECB dovish outlook on Interest rates

Those were the BIG plays...........

I do this stuff every day ...ive been Trading Forex since the year 2000..... 22 years ago and helping others since 2009 on big forums like this with many free indicators and free advice

I will let everybody know as soon as my new Trading ebook is available (all donations to Ukrainian Charities) everyone knows.... i'm a trader and not a be patient !


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