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Forex Diary for Week ending 5th June 2020...

hey gang .....hope you had a good trading week ...

heres my donation FixStart indicator showing the weeks action...

nothing comes closer for showing traders all the G8 currencies and what they did.....a little easier than 28 seperate charts !

YEN Dominated the Bears all week from Tuesday ....450 pips of selling all the way though to Fridat evening

4 currencies all had good bull weeks ......CAD, then AUD , NZD and GBP as well ....all decent buys at times

USD was a healthy Bear all week with Chf and Yen complaints selling it into currencies

NFPs Yesterday ....

heres a chart showing the 2 hours following 1.30pm GMT HFP announcement.....hugely better than expected it held USD positive post event and slammed CHF and Yen south....CAD spiking Bull and then again loved the Show going +60 pips inside an hour .....its easy to do this stuff with the donation fixstart indicator

overall i was happy with my weeks trading...due to Biz consulting work committments i wasnt in the market as much as i could have been ....shame as there were plenty of pips around !

interesting times !


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