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Forex Diary Weeks ending 18th Feb 2022

Forex Diary Weeks ending 18th Feb 2022

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The yellow Yen was a lightening buy on monday ....which was in fact the biggest move for bulls in the whole week ...very disappointing for trend followers ....Yen was a real rollercoaster this week ....

Brown cad, orange Aud and turquoise NZD did try to get bullish at times


The Yellow JPY , Green USD, Blue Euro and the Brown CAD all got south later into the week ...but again paltry values ....

So overall though it was a very quiet week .....less than half the range of last week (see second chart as comparison)....that means its much harder to trade and you can get hammered trying to trade into the weeks dont beat yourself up if you lost money ...pure trend following was hard ....and yen was like a rollercoaster

in fact not 1 single currency stayed consistently bull or bear in the week .....really tricky !!


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