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Forex Diary Weeks ending 25th Feb 2022

Forex Diary Weeks ending 25th Feb 2022

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The yellow Yen and Green USD and Grey CHF were the risk off buys on Thursday Asian Session as Putin Invaded Ukraine

Orange AUD and Turquoise NZD were early week favourites and then returned to the top on Friday , Brown Cad came late as well ....absolute Rollercoaster with nearly 5 Currencies going Alpha Bull in just 1 week


Despite the Blue Euro woes on the Thursday it was the Red GBP that really took the major hits later in the week regarding risk off......some 230+ pips south at breathtaking speed .....

in volatile markets reduce your stakes and widen stops to accommodate the bigger moves....dont kid yourself that you can trade the same way as in less volatile conditions ......thats beginners stuff


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