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Forex Market 2019 - Summary

Hey Gang ....

Well as Xmas approaches we look back on a very interesting year in Forex - looking from the start of January 2019 (chart below) ......Sterling (RED) GBP was again the currency to watch as it rampaged due to the Brexit Circus ... its also been about the (BROWN) CAD being a major Bull player and also the (YELLOW) yen (which has fallen now) ....

Brexit and related Euro turmoil has also managed to drag the (BLUE) EURO into the lowest Bear Position for this year .......

so 10/10 if you guys swung GBP off those highs and lows .......

the GBP red selloff was pretty obvious looking at the second bounce south on the Chart off that resistance Zone - can you all see that ? - who says Trading is hard ?


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