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Forex Week ending 25th Mar 2022

Forex Week ending 25th Mar 2022 - the final day !!!

Yen was being hammered this week as stated in my earlier post this week - and its still getting hammered - see the new chart attached

if you have my eBook and are following my most popular strategy you will have benefited from some great Yen pair sells this week chart indicating areas i teach in the eBOOK - Equities have been mixed this week - when equities fell (monday and Wednesday) - the yen has minor corrective bull plays ......but when equities rose the yen got absolutely dumped ....huge gearing plays this week

and today looks promising .....we are net bull so far on dow ...maybe Yen will have a final sell push that i am happy to chase later on in pairs

my eBOOK is available here for a small donation to charity - start using strengthmeters properly and stop losing money on "worthless" pair trading



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