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How to trade the Fixed start indicator ?

im receiving a lot of messages on what to do on the fixed indicator heres my standard answer as sent to someone yesterday


As you correctly state the early part of any Fixed time start session will show flattish action...i will sit on the sidelines until I start to see some real divergence from the zero on the currencies 

For example if I am scalping the London session i will start thé fix from 6am gmt will be rare For me to start trading for at least an hour as I need to see some good movement first from the currencies ....especially the lead ones

Maybe at least 10 pips divergence from Zero on any currency .....both positive and negative examples..... so may be at least A 20 pip divergence on any pair an example 

It also depends on the pair itself and how the whole g8  market is moving ...correlations etc matter .....

So be patient......if you examine ATRs the London session will mean at least 30-50 pips ATR For the more volatile based pairs like gbp yen and even cad at times ...with the US session being even Greater ....equally if one trades the Asian session the yen pairs will be active  normally and worth trading if they start diverging

So i am  kind if saying let the market show you the direction based on early action ...and then come in and trade the market assuming the moves will then extend further ....

You can use that strategy for individual timezone sessions as well as for the trading week ...where You use Monday as a pointer for the next few days ...always looking at ATR relatively to the timeframe you are trading of course ....and beware that by wednesday evening most pairs will have hit max ATRs for the week ...and some will start retracing .....another possible strategy into the weekend trading overextended pairs

I use pullbacks into trend trading mainly though.....once I have established my best pairs from relative strength I will use mainstream indicators and patterns on charts to get in a few of my own customised pairchart indicators developed over last 20 years ....

Google the words "pullback trading" on YouTube etc and start looking for what works for you ....a lot of interesting stuff out there if you look.....a lot of rubbish as well but practice and experience will teach you the frauds ......much is basic anyway

I like using elements of RSI , simple candlestick patterns ....ATR based principles and even Fibonacci based pullbacks are interesting .....there is no 100% solution ......but remember you have already identified the strongest Trending pairs so that’s an edge in itself !

Take care and I hope this helps 



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