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there is now a definite pattern forming to contemporary modern day trading vendors ....

#1 ....establish strong followings through high quality FREE videos and content

#2 give away free indicators and systems that seem profitable - with stats to prove it (100+ trades tested)

#3 open up free discord and other channels

#4 use admin and support to boost it like crazy

#5 sell stuff through the back door

What’s the back door ?

#1 broker commissions. for example one guy is pure tradingview platform focused. he has currently >12k members on his discord channel and I’ve repeatedly requested other platform versions - nope - nada - TV funded !

#2 secondary websites and followers offering advanced systems and services - the original mentor seemingly remains free and above it all, but will be commercially linked to his teachers - one famous forex youtube channel (100k+ members) has sold huge commercial content via his followers spinoffs.

3# and god knows what else - these guys are all so streetsmart it hurts - they create spinoff “wealth” channels and other marketing based educational content - for example crypto is huge now and I’m figuring most are selling it alongside a piece of the platforms & brokerage to trade it. Watch for NFT promotions and other boosters as well.

All so00o smart and logical - build a cult and people will follow you blindly

These guys are making the old generation flesh crawlers (watch for 30 seconds on any YouTube trading video and their ads will soon appear) seem like dinosaurs ...

Selling without selling is now the new norm

So just be aware gang ....


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