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Spring Forex Update 2022

hey everyone

its been a hell of a spring trading period

Ukraine invaded by Russia and the resultant geopolitical fallout with Global

Inflationary pressure....

Whilst i do follow market news my fundamental and strict rule is simply

"Trade what you see"

and my stable of indicators See all the G8 forex market ......24/7 365 days a year


just 1 - the epic selloff of the JPY .....the japanese to date refuse to touch interest rates, so the carry trade train continues - how long will they stay dovish ?

The price will tell us


4 currencies have been relatively bullish at times


all for different reasons .....buying these currencies into JPY has delivered some phenomenal profits - well done if you were trading them

Whats next ?

watch and trade the relative pricing action through my stable of indicators and eBooks available on this website ...they will reveal all if you know what to look for .....

good hunting !


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