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Trade the trend (you're not skilled enough to get fancy yet)

Widen your stops (you're not giving yourself enough room to breathe)

Halve your $$ staked per trade (ease it back rambo)

Stop fixating on just 1 system (there's plenty more out there that work)

Reduce your expectations rates , profitability, success path .....timescales ....(social media is selling you fictional statistics and expectations on trading success)

Halve your screen trading time and double your trading research and testing time (think more and work smarter)

Increase meditation relaxation and leisure time (we never ever do this but I have to at least try)

Specialise .....please?

Ditch your mentor and trainers (you shouldn't be in this deep mess if you're being tutored and mentored well)

Re-read the top 50 trading books of all time (you didn't read them in the first place?)... Google to find them

Ask yourself if its all worth it and are you trading for the right reasons?......time to give it up ? have to truly love trading is not enough to sustain long term commitment to the trading me

Allocate more time to Generating multiple income streams...never rely on trading profits as your sole revenue source ....ever (however see note below)

Go the extra mile ....and thats now 13 quick fixes I've given you instead of just 10 .....bonus!

Neil (NVP)


Being PAID to Mentor Traders or sell trading courses and ebooks and videos or sell indicators and signal services or any other form of commercial activity involved with trading is a very lucrative its worth considering doing this as well ...and its much easier than generating consistent profits from remember that when someone is selling you their next guaranteed trading system ....they are being smart.....

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