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Trading update 4th March 2022

just an update on my report earlier in the week...

I've been banging away selling the Weak Euro all week since 2nd March ....why

wouldn't I ?

look at the Fix Start indicator below .... selling EU was easy meat fact selling EurAud was even more awesome them both or take your pick


ive decided to publish a short ebook explaining one of my main ways I trade the Forex market ..

let me explain that every penny will be donated directly to Ukranian charities - as I am already doing with my Fix Start Indicator you see here already

after 22 years trading Forex - I still dont publish much and keep myself very very private...but i'm finally going to release some ideas and strategies I try to use every day to beat the Forex market

Stay tuned as ive got to get the damn notes and charts into PDF format over the next week ......quite a task as i have the attention span of a fly ! ......but its worth it if i can raise a few grand for the Ukraine i did with the NHS charity in the last 2 years .....every little helps

ok stay tuned ...i will post the charity links as soon as all is in place ....I wanted to go kindle / e-book route on amazon publishing but they wont so far relinquish their publishing fees .....I have asked again

have a good weekend

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