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Cable Roars !

Hey gang...........hope everyone is ok !!! sorry i have been helping test some Dax scalping systems last 2 weeks ..........a bit of an interesting divergence for me from my Forex Strengthmeter strategies and I am learning a lot

dont worry - im not stepping away from my FXcorrelator based systems .....just trying new stuff and learning some new tricks to add to the armoury ! will try and get back here a little more and post ........... last week was cracking on the markets ...some great volatility from the Red GBP went to 270+ pips at one point last week before fading a little thursday / friday greenback usd had a bad bear week .....down over 200 pips .thats nearly a 500 pipper bull round trip on Cable !!.....1.43 last week !!!! N

PS - I am still working on the courses - watch this space !

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