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1st Jun Forex Diary

7:10 am (BST)

morning all....ok gbp looks best bull buy so far and consistently rising ...usd looks bull

yen is real real choppy so far .....i'll be ready on it when it finally locks in direction

aud best solid sell so far.....not many pips on board at moment ......mainly GU buys so far

early days

7:31 - ok you can see that GBP BULL is still doing well now (CHART1) .....ive been working buys up from high 3260's to 3277/78 now so far .....GU is only pair working in G8 at moment......using my FXCorrelator keeps me on the BEST pairs

7:46 - ok im still trying to work GU buys and also UCAD sells ....usd is pretty flat so its hard work so far .........yen now looking more bearish but i need some confirmation to start working yen sells into usd and perhaps Euro ....ZZZZZZZZZz

7:51 127.48/9 the ej looks interesting

7:55 GBP is cheap at 3277 for rebuys into 8am bar

14.30 one of my laptops is playing up so no spares for posting live calls ....sorry ... it was an easy london morning awaiting NY now to fire up soon ......GBP was a buy all session ..i was continually buying up from 3277 as per earlier posts got to 1.3330's before some spiking still happy to keep rebuying it on dips ive dropped the 5min TF here on cable (CHART 2) and the free FXCorrelator 20ma indicator (default setting)see how much the RED line is above the zero ....just keep hitting GBP buys on the dips ....sure theres more to it than that to be successful (a lot more actually !) ........but it gets me on the lead currencies to trade in a session ...the rest is up to me then to trade and execute well

17:40 hey gang ...gbp has continued to drill north and ive been mainly on it.... yen has also been a cracker sell all day..... have a good weekend


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