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Training Update - June 2018

I get contacted by a lot of people asking about forex strengthmeters

what are they ? are they really useful in forex ? should i use one ? what is the best ?

the list of questions is endless ...........

and I sympathise ..........when i built my first one back in 2001...there were only a handful of programmers looking at them on the retail market side of the trading business .....

how things have changed ....

these days you get a free strengthmeter with every packet of cornflakes .........every vendor tries to sell you one .......every broker has a suite of them loaded for your forex analysis

and 95% of all traders dont use them or use them wrongly me !

as you all know I am still working on some training courses (See training page)

these things take time and I am trying to juggle it with other committments in 2018

but i will get there gang ......please be patient - thanks !

watch this space ....


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