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5th Sep 2018 - Forex Diary

7:55 am BST

hey all ..........i am still 1 laptop down so not much posting today until later on ....sorry

ok from 6am BST markets are real nice and steady : -

Yen and USD are solid Bulls ......yen to +30 pips so far ...usd half that but steady

Euro and GBP solid solid selling ......-20's pips each

perfect correlation for me ....I cannot lose when i get these 4 guys working like this !

have fun while it lasts


been selling EU from 1590s at 1540s and reversing a little

selling GU from 2860s down to 2820s ...again reversing now a little

simple consolidation or end of the party ? ...........time will tell

cant complain about 40-50 pips of scalp area on my 2 favourite pairs though !!!


real tug of war at moment on cable and EU ......

2830-33 1555-1557

nearly 4 minutes on just a 2 pip spread for Cable finally broke south so im in at 2829 selling again


pleased with 2820 already !!!!!!!!!!!!

EU coming south a well again

13:47 pm BST

cable eventually got down to 2780s......not to bad at all

EU maxxed at 1540s....again ok for a morning session complaints

Yen and USD have come back from london session highs .....likewise Euro and GBP have bounced north again plenty of consolidation

since i did pretty good on the divergence plays earlier i havnt chased them back need to be greedy ..........back later for NY opens


just a heads up ...GBP currency is hitting a decent R level...may be worth looking for resells in the 2830s..........its not until the 2850s that cable is showing huge POC levels for all you market profile traders


i took a hugely aggressive resell at 2835......2830 already


can someone please shoot me ?.....sure im at 2827 and a decnt scalp on

but i should not have taken that scalp after doing so well this morning ......hmmm

back later ....

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