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4th Jan 2019 - forex Diary

07:40 GMT

morning all

CAD strong again this morning early london......thats where i am scalping against USD from 3480s to 3450s so far

for the week so far .....after that flashcrash spike by Yen that took it some + 400 pips into the stratosphere.....yen has fallen back some 50% and has lowed its bear momentum ......interesting

GBP looks the sell now for weekly positioning

I do trade higher timeframes and they are much easier than my mainstream scalping......but I sacrifice a little profitability as scalping is where the money is due to being able to leverage my Capital faster


CAD and Yen are the buys gang .....charging on


cad flattened and yen came off............been on the GBP as it has come through the ranks in last hour or so .....selling usd mainly still............swissie is weak as well london

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