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4th Feb 2019 - Forex Diary

8:01 GMT

hey guys sloow start on london Forex session.....mondays are tricky as the weekend is still unravelling and only 1 asian session in place so far ....... anyway ive sat on my hands so far ...(unlike me ?) yen is the alpha bear .....gbp finally emerging as the alpha bull .......... re cable ...assume ists going bull........rebuy as long as it stays above 3070s .... EJ buys are worth a look buy was earlier around 5.40am at 125.50s .......too early for me anyway stay in 125.60s now for rebuys

excellent rebuy on EJ literally as i was posting ........125.64/5 to 125.70 so far


scalp wins on both pairs mentioned .....going well now


EJ just signalled again at 73 ......


high was 80 ...easy easy scalp meat on EJ so far today ...3 great easy scalps so far


hey all .....sorry ...been doing some training ....

ok since last post above

GBP fell back and sold off hard

USD held Bull

Yen continued its selloff (alpha Bear still)

Euro emerged as Alpha Bull

I traded based on these signals as they emerged and if you read earlier posts that meant i have stayed on the EJ buys from early deviation

so been scalping it up from 126.60s to 125.80s so far

cable was a little more tricky having hit it hard bull earlier up to 3090s .....I started hunting sells in the 3070s although even that was perhaps a little ambitious (i got it though)..............cable sold off to 3040s so far

no complaints on mornings trading ...I did pretty OK


cable has been struggling to breach above the 3060s and now falling happy to be selling again


yet another bonkers day on GBP index ...

heres the RED Gbp on a standard 20ma FXCorrelator (available free in links below).....thats pretty volatile and why i mainly trade GBP pairs .......

but this is a little crazy....... even for my tastes !!

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