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Dont sweat the small stuff.....

ok back to scalping ......(today) the market was slow from 6am and the real moves only came on 9am bar ..... then a bear euro really drove rest of G8 north tipping the trend play continuation trends on the bear Euro pairs......also cad and Swissie moderately bearish as well decent plays on them into usd as best prospect EJ probaly most volatile and interesting reseller to come.....although with NZD and AUD really looking Bull at moment the EA will be a decent prospect to resell as well when offered ...slooooooow though that pair heres a pretty simple look at how to get into trades and where I may have been looking to follow this decent pair (remember ive identified EJ as a top moving pair from the strengthmeter charts & london session) On Trading LOOK ! once you have got a few pairs in the firing line to trade - dont beat yourself up about getting the indicators and settings 1000% correct ........ I cant believe the Crap talked on a lot of the forums and discord trading clubs and groups i am in ............ people arguing about indicators that all pretty much do the same thing

THEY ALL DO THE SIMILAR THINGS !!!! people arguing about settings that are so close its a joke:-

"i use a 20 on a 4 , no i use a 15 on a 7 its much better" .....seriously guys ????!!!!!" when talking trend continuations an old mentor gave me some great advice ...... "Neil , when the trend rolls it rolls .....whatever indicator and stuff you have on the chart will generally tell you to trade at similar time - so dont sweat the small stuff"

so on belows chart ive shown some simple rules to get me looking

1) identify the best moving pairs in session - using strengthmerers (EJ was one of them)

2) put something simple on chart to monitor good conditions for those pairs ( for EJ its a simple default 20 ma showing currencies where Eur above / yen below Zero)

3) wait for half decent pull back ...again nothing too serious ...a few green bars or big single/double green bar ......then a decent red bar continuation good trading gang N

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