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Forex Diary 14th Mar 2021

hey gang - crazy week .....a lot of action from all currencies off a low trending week !

see my Free FXCorrelator in charts below (available in the signature links)

and my Fx Start indicator - available for a small donation to charity here


The biggest seller was Red GBP hitting weekly low around early wednesday europe, then rallied before coming came back again for a second bull bite on Friday .....classic GBP action !

Blue Euro ,Yellow Yen and Green USD also hit some Bears later in week


Early Grey CHF action was followed by decent brown CAD by Wednesday and a few others followed ...a real scrum in fact later in week ...real messy to get decent trades away ....

for me that solid Red GBP early week was THE trade .....lots of currencies to buy into it (GBPCHF sell was best play on chart).....that USD & JPY Selloff thursday was hard to hit ......and then they bounced north very nicely on thursday

CADS aggressive selloff on late thursday was nice into the rising YEN & USD .....bit you had to be looking for a counter trde on week to nail them ....full marks if you did ...

this week was about counter trading some ranges ......but for me nothing really was

over-extending anyway to prompt such aggressive moves or plays i was happy punting the GBP sells monday....

have a great week


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