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Forex Diary for the week ending 12th Nov 2021

Forex Diary for the week ending 12th Nov 2021

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not a bad week ...USD got busy .....


good week for Green USD - after a bear start to -40s by Tuesday it then swung some +150 pips north

Red GBP was next best play hitting +80 pips by mid Tuesday


Gray CHF got hit hard twice in the week (Mon / Tues) to -60 pips )

Orange AUD got to -60s pips as well by Wednesday

Blue Euro and Brown Cad all came bear by Friday to -40s

soo...not too bad ......

Trade of week ?

Buying GBP pairs up to the Tuesday European session was ok .....after that Buying USD from US open Session Tuesday through to end of Thursday was pretty hot....a decent week for swing trades

Strengthmeters like this have given me a tremendous insight into the FX market for the last 21 years magic boxes / no circus tricks or Gimmicks ....very few Forex Traders use Relative strength in Their Trading and lose as a result .....


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