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Forex Diary for the week ending 3rd Dec 2021

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good week for Yellow JPY and grey CHF - both spiked north on Tuesday then rehit +100 pips by friday ...


Red GBP took a Spike sell Tuesday to -100 pips, then rallied before returning south to -90s by friday

Orange AUD sold off Thurs/Fri to -100 pips

Yellow JPY got to -60s by early tuesday

Trades of the week ?

Yen started bear to -60s and then swung some 170 pips north from Tuesday to Friday ....awesome opportunity to sell most currencies into it from early Tuesday......

AUD took selling heat from early Thursday session so a decent sell on all pairs (except Red GBP)

GBP had 2 big swing sells - one to Tuesday US open and then again selling from late Thursday sessions.. good buys on all except the Aussie currencies

USD was relatively flat all week - peaking north on the US Powell speech Tuesday......most other currencies spiked as well off his message (See earlier comments)

Strengthmeters have given me a tremendous insight into the FX market for the last 21 years magic boxes / no circus tricks or Gimmicks ....very few Forex Traders use Relative strength in Their Trading .....maybe its time to try them ?


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