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Forex Diary for the week ending 5th Nov 2021

Forex Diary for the week ending 5th Nov 2021

My fix start indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to charity

finally we had a week with some better action ....


good week for yellow Yen (120 pips) , Grey CHF , Green USD and even the Blue Euro


Red GBP got hit hard late in the week to - 200 pips ( on disappointing neutral Interest rate news)

Orange AUD got to -70s

soo...not too bad ......

Trade of week ?

Anything Selling GBP later in the seek was excellent off that interest news .....and it wasnt an immediate collapse either so time to get in on the selling across most GBP pairs

my Strengthmeters have given me a tremendous insight into the FX market for the last 21 years magic boxes / no circus tricks or Gimmicks ....


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