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Forex Diary June 2021

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Forex Diary June 2021

Hey Gang....hope everyone is well !

interesting June action on the G8 as seen through my FixStart FXCorrelator

available here for a small donation to charity

thanks to everyone who has donated and is using the indicator - hope it helps !!


Green USD and its partner yellow JPY have creamed it so far the correction on any month end TPs


Red GBP hurting bad and brown Cad also taken some flak.... Blue Euro has been weak as well

so hats off to you traders buying USD and Yen into Sterling , CAD and Euro ...some decent pips around (450 pips on cable range so far in June)....

Trading gets easier if you look at the bigger picture - with 28 pairs to chose from across some 9 main Timeframes amounts to over 200 charts on offer .... why not try using Strengthmeters to pick the BEST chart to trade ?

have a good one gang and dont talk to any strange traders on social media ....


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