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Forex Diary May 2021

Forex Diary May 2021

heres the story so far in May.....

My fixstart indicator on chart is available here for £15 donation to charity


Red GBP dominated so far .....its been fading recently

Brown Cad was strong earlier in month


Plenty of them .....Green USD , Turquoise NZD and Orange AUD ...and Yellow Yen

nice patterns this month so far ...i like it when Yen and USD are together !

Trend Followers - any GBP pairs have been good buying Sterling early month

Mean Reversion Traders - GBP has been overheated since mid may so some fast sells in play still

I also have many free indicators and advice here at my website ......ive been trading Forex for 20 years (and other markets for much longer)....

im always happy to help and cut through the Trading BS that is now sadly rife on modern day Social media ....absolute Zoo out there .....


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