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Forex Diary - Qtr 1 2020

We are gripped in the greatest heath and economic crisis for  generations. The Covid-19 Virus is testing global courage and fortitude as humanity fights for a cure.  Economic markets are being ravaged as individuals rush to cash and Global GDP crumbles in its grip. 

Forex Traders have ample opportunity to generate income for themselves and their families in this crisis as long as they maintain cool heads and trade their own preferred systems well.

I have reset 8 major currencies from 1st January 2020 with a start point of Zero - Note the Volatility spike in late Feb as markets finally wake up to the fury and devastation of the Virus on Economic markets.... 

CAD, GBP and AUD have been the main sells to date

Yen,CHF,USD and now increasingly the Euro being the bull plays.

 I wish everyone a safe passage through these troubled times

 I have no idea where any of these currencies will trade next (no one does) - I simply follow my systems that give me an Edge based on 20 years of experience


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