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Forex Diary week ended 2nd July 2021

Forex Diary week ended 2nd July 2021

hey gang

a good week on the G8 as seen through my FixStart FXCorrelator available here for a small donation to charity


Green USD and its partner yellow JPY commanded the week ....USD was rolling until the NFPs crushed it friday


Brown CAD was hurting at times ....turquoise NZD and Orange AUD were also struggling into mid week

so hats off to you buying USD and Yen into CAD mainly to mid week - most pairs did ok in fact to Thursday...then all change Friday as USD folded ......

Trading gets easier if you look at the bigger picture - with 28 pairs to chose from across some 9 main Timeframes amounts to over 200 charts on offer .... why not try using Strengthmeters to pick the BEST chart to trade ?

have a good one


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Apoorva Gupta
Apoorva Gupta
06 de jul. de 2021

Thanks for sharing info.

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